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Therapy has been very useful in that it has allowed me to 'offload' my fears + worries in a safe place. It has also enabled me to access tools to address issues in my day to day life - giving me confidence, hope and less stress. It is a long process but worth the time, money and effort.

Anon, 41 London March 28, 2018

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“My counsellor was really supportive when signposting me to seek marriage/family counselling. During our sessions she helped me to understand my own thoughts and pointed me in the right direction to move forwards with my life”

Teacher East London May 1, 2015

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"I would definitely recommend Aysha for her active listening and ability to empathise"

Employment Coach North London May 1, 2015

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"I was recommended to seek counselling and I didn't think it would be much help but I'm really grateful for the support I received. I realised how much of myself I had neglected and I have learnt so many new skills on how to be mindful and pay attention to myself. In 10 Weeks I made steps that I didn't think I would ever be able to. The therapy I received has totally changed my outlook in a positive way."

Trainer North London May 5, 2015

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I'm glad I found Aysha.. she came into my life at the perfect time.

Anon East London May 22, 2018

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“In all honesty, I didn’t think counselling would be of any use when we first met, but at the initial consultation I felt completely at ease and understood. The diversity between us was not a barrier at all. The therapy as a whole gave me some useful insights & has proved invaluable at a time when I had found myself homeless.”

Unemployed West London May 1, 2015

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“I can whole heartedly say that counselling has fully helped me and my counsellor was excellent in listening and understanding my issue”

Home Maker West London May 1, 2015

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“Counselling has really helped me and my counsellor was really good in allowing me to focus on my own agenda which I haven’t felt from previous counsellors. She really understood my issues and I connected with her despite my initial reservations about therapy”

Publisher East London May 1, 2015